7/29/18 1OAK Tokyo, Japan

"Ended up at 1OAK" - when I saw those glowing words by the entrance that night, I just laughed. How in the world did some ordinary suburban kid like me end up in the best club in Tokyo filming for the king of EDM? This marked the day I was thrown into a chaotic world of entertainment and art, and I loved it.

Shot by @wackywaka + @hikakinn

Edited by @wackywaka

Song: Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex & Rick Ross


10/9/18 London, UK

I was approached by Lensball to create a video showcasing its product--a spherical glass ball used as a photography tool to capture unique shots. But the best part about this shoot was the 4am adventures. Before the colors of the morning commute saturated the streets, Nate and I would roam the latent lanes of London with pure freedom and curiosity.

Directed/Shot/Edited by @wackywaka

Model by @nathaniel.mahlum

Song: Porter Robinson - Language (orchestral remix)